Celebration of “Pani Panchayat Fortnight” throughout the State from 26th December to 9th January to create mass awareness among the stakeholders of water resources regarding participatory water management in the State is an annual event of the Department of Water Resources. WALMI, Odisha has been entrusted with the responsibility of development and publication of the Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials for distribution amongst stakeholders of all the 30 districts. Accordingly, WALMI has prepared and published six different posters on rain water harvesting, water management, Operation and Maintenance (O&M) of canals, Command Area Development (CAD), maintenance of Lift Irrigation (LI) points and other IEC materials such as Brochures, “Pani Panchayat Samachar”, “Pani Panchayat Katha” and Leaflets on Participatory Irrigation Management (PIM). Large number of copies (5000-20000) of each of these IEC literatures have been printed and distributed by WALMI to 30 Nodal Officers representing 30 districts of the State in order to achieve a grand success in the mass awareness campaign on PIM during the PP Fortnight .