Impact Monitoring and Evaluation OWRCP

WALMI had completed Impact evaluation for 30 Projects within six months in the year.

The primary objective of Orissa Water Resource Consolidation Project (OWRCP) were to improve the planning, management and development process for the states water resources, increase agricultural productivity through investments to improve existing schemes and complete viable incomplete schemes and enhance institutional capability of Department of Water Resources (DoWR). The Impact Monitoring and Evaluation focused on the assessment of impact of OWRCP on Scheme Completion Component and the System Improvement and Farmers Turnover (SIFT) at the level of project output and purpose. Household surveys, designed by Ms Sheladia Associates and DoWR were undertaken by WALMI, Odisha at each project location using stratified multi-stage random sampling. A total of 4592 household covering 26 major and medium irrigation projects were surveyed and both the farmer and a female member of the household were asked a set of questions that would allow assessment of OWRCP impacts. At each project, a set number of surveys were conducted inside the project command and a set number outside to allow for comparison. WALMI, Odisha in its part conducted all the survey, computerized the schedules so collected and analyzed the data to produce 72 nos of tables.