WALMI provides training of multidisciplinary nature to the newly recruited and in-service Engineers and other officers on Irrigation Engineering and Agriculture under training and professional development, Capacity Building of OBs’ and Strengthening of Pps’((a) In-campus (including State Level Workshop) an Outcampus Interactive Workshop Obs'/PFs' of PPs' & Officers of DoWR, DoA, CADA & OLIC etc.Capacity Building of Officers/ Professionals Senior/ Middle/ Junior Level Officers of DoWR, DoA, CADA, OLIC etc.National Level/ Inter-state Exposure Visit-Cum-Training Programme Senior Level Officers of DoWR DoA, CADA, OLIC etc. & Farmers Academicians for Odisha and other States.

WALMI Faculty Members provide Technical Knowhow and New concepts on various aspects of Water Management, Policy and Reform Process Implementation in the areas like , PIM , Volumetric Water supply, Benchmarking of Irrigation Projects, Water Budgeting and Auditing, IWRM

Training also provided via Satellite through GRAMSAT Program by DOWR where the major activities are accomplished by faculty members of WALMI.