Strengthening PPs of Taladanda

Under Odisha Integrated Irrigated Agriculture and Water Management Investment (OIIAWMIP), assisted by Asian Development Bank (ADB), WALMI Odisha has taken up strengthening of Pani Panchayats in Taladanda major irrigation sub-project. It is proposed to cover an area of 8250 Ha. having 21 Nos of PPs, in the 1st phase. Activities such as Baseline survey, Participatory Walk Through (PWT), Market mapping, Crop diversion and other related Agricultural activities and Livelihood development programme are being taken up.

Under strengthening of PPs in Taladanda Irrigation Sub-Project, 21 nos. Of PPs have been taken up under ADB assistance. The PPs are conducting regular Executive Committee & various sub-committee meeting. Activities on agriculture development support, Seed & Fertliser Dealership, Seed Treatment Campaign, Green Manuring,Line Transplanting, Farmer’s Field School (FFS), Training on Improved package of Practices, Training on Basic Construction Skill Management, Training on Social Audit, Exposure visit, State level workshop on integrated approach to irrigation system management, Livelihood Development Activities.