Entry Point Activity (Rengali Irrigation Project)

After successful completion of the pilot schemes, WALMI has taken up Entry Point Activity (EPA) in 8 nos. of Pani Panchayats (PPs) in Rengali Irrigation Project during 2009-10 with financial assistance from JICA Mass awareness meetings in collaboration with the project Authorities along with JICA members have been conducted to finalize the selection of PPs for taking up the programme in Bhairpur Branch Canal and Left Branch Canal Commands.

Socio-economic baseline survey, Participatory Walk Through (PWT), formation of Self Help Groups (SHGs) have been completed in Bhairpur Branch Canal. Besides 4 nos. of Inter Departmental Coordination meetings have also been conducted. Similarly for Left Branch Canal Command formation of SHGs have been completed along with two nos. of Inter Departmental Coordination meetings. Initiative has been taken for providing micro-credit facility to members of SHG.

Currently WALMI has been assigned the task of Entry Point Activities of All the 53 Pani Panchayats functioning under Bhairpur Branch Canal (BBC) and Left Bank Canal (LBC) - II” of Rengali Irrigation Project since 2012 . In Next two years WALMI through NGO, Association for Development Initiative Committed to following interventions Strengthening the SHGs up to Bank linkage Promotion of Income Generating Activities Market survey , preparation of Business Development Plan for SHGs & Loan Arrangement Market Promotion & Market Linkage to products Preparation of PP Wise Rabi & Kharif Plan, with crop calendar & sustainable and equitable use of water. Crop Diversification with extension Support. Cost Reduction of Farming & Promotion of Bio- Fertilizer & Pesticides Sustainable use of Waste & Semi Waste land Establishment of Farm Field School on Different Crops Completion of EPA works will help achieve integrated development of the irrigation commands in terms of productivity enhancement and economic growth. These PPs adopted for EPA will function as models for the rest of the PPs of the Irrigation Project.